Verdict in trial against anti-fascists: last defendant acquitted

Tim H. allegedly led the Dresden riots and was sentenced to 22 months in prison. He has now been acquitted on appeal.

On the day of the Dresden destruction commemoration in 2011, a "black bloc" had broken through a police cordon Photo: dpa

The last pending trial about the protests against a Nazi march in Dresden in February 2011 has ended with an acquittal. In the third instance, the Dresden Regional Court on Friday exonerated Tim H. from the charges of aggravated breach of the peace and insult.

The presiding judge, Martin Schultze-Griebler, justified the verdict by saying that neither witnesses, an expert opinion on the voice, nor the evaluation of the police video recordings could prove that H. had called for acts of violence. The requirements for a conviction for insult were not met because a police criminal complaint was not filed until after the three-month deadline had expired.

On the day of the Dresden Destruction Commemoration in 2011, a "black bloc" in the southern suburb had broken through a police cordon to secure the Nazi march. Because of his conspicuous height, the police settled on H. as the man who was said to have coordinated the attack via a megaphone. Because he punched a demonstrator lying on the ground, H. also allegedly called a police officer a "Nazi pig." In January 2013, the Dresden District Court sentenced him to 22 months in prison without probation.

On appeal, all that remained of this was a fine for insult, for which another regional court chamber, acting as a court of appeal, now found the formal requirements lacking. Tim H. hopes that after almost six years the public prosecutor’s office will refrain from a renewed appeal. In his closing remarks, the employee of the Left Party’s federal office mentioned an attack on his Berlin apartment shortly before Christmas Eve, in which bottles filled with tar were thrown through the window panes. The family now has to move. H. assumes a Nazi background.

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