Tonnies, rearmament and r-values: proposals for the sausage exit

After the Corona outbreak at Tonnies’ large-scale slaughterhouse, the industry is being put through the meat grinder, while the German armed forces want to rearm.

Soon a thing of the past? Fully sausaged barbecues Photo: arifiti/dpa

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Following the temporary closure of Germany’s largest Tonnies slaughterhouse in Rheda-Wiedenbruck, North Rhine-Westphalia, what (more) needs to happen for things to finally change in the meat industry?

The misery has no end, only the sausage has two: First, the change to "flexitarianism", which for example the "Rugenwalder Muhle" has been trying for five years: "The sausage is the cigarette of the future". In other words, consumers who buy flexibly instead of fully vinified. Without market pressure, there’s always a character who produces cheap meat that’s unfortunately relevant to the system.

Secondly, the industry is now being turned through the meat grinder: employees crammed into "junk real estate," companies that "don’t feel responsible" for their people thanks to work contracts, and the federal government is supposed to ban these work contracts more quickly: This is how a dignified Christian Democrat like NRW Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann now speaks. In keeping with his style, MP Laschet is also feeding a few racist prejudices, while the Green Party’s Hofreiter is dreaming of boycotting entire supermarket chains against Tonnies. Both serving suggestions for the actual dope, the sausage exit.

An employee of the military intelligence service MAD has been suspended. He is alleged to have passed on secret documents to a KSK soldier friend. Can Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer’s "iron broom" help?

It seems shot with buckshot which of the frequently changing female defense ministers it hits. Last week’s incendiary letter, this week’s MAD revelations, and all of her predecessors also had this astonishing sum of individual cases in the troops. When files on the NSU murderers disappeared in the MAD, the Greens and the SPD already demanded a dissolution of the sinister service. People were happy to join in the demand if they had more confidence in the BND or the Verfassungsschutz.

Ami go home, Ami stay here – how do you see the vectors in the question of the whereabouts of US troops in Germany?

Where Obama has already taken off his jacket in a chummy manner "among friends," Trump greets with open trousers. Beyond such questions of style, both wanted to withdraw troops from Germany. Whether they are decisively weakening themselves by doing so seems unclear – to the Americans themselves, among others. Behind this is the question of whether Germany still dares to go to the city park at night with fewer big brothers.

Kramp-Karrenbauer’s answer: procurement of armed drones, procurement of fighter jets capable of carrying nuclear bombs. Increasing the defense budget. With all due respect to the joy of aasigen Gerhard Schroder jokes: Between disarmament of the Yanks and rearmament of the Germans stands the question: beyond Putin-bashing, is there a common European policy of understanding? As Trump-understanders, we are pretty much alone at the moment. At least without Trump.

Outbreak in Beijing, New Zealand no longer corona-free – what’s next for us and the virus?

As soon as I can explain that the R-value of new infections has jumped to 1.7 – and at the same time there is no reason to worry, although it should be below 1.0 – I will also explain Beijing and New Zealand. However, I would then be confused with the Robert Koch Institute, and that is no fun at the moment either. In the case of a "second wave", patience, financial reserves and also trust would be badly diminished. So I’ll write you another sick bill, say a week, don’t tell anyone.

According to Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), Germany is taking in a total of 243 children and their family members from Greek refugee camps. Is that enough?

Poor. Germany had promised the UNHCR to take in 5,500 refugees. Obergrenzer Seehofer can now point to Corona and otherwise make an impression that the Seehofer of 2018 would have run up a storm against. Merkel and von der Leyen can try to tie money from the EU’s reconstruction fund to clear commitments to a common refugee policy. After all, that has gone wrong every time so far.

Fifty years ago, Italy beat Germany 4-3 in the legendary World Cup semifinal in Mexico. Do you have a memory there that you would like to share with us?

Ernst Huberty was commentating, telephone quality and noisy black and white, Vorschlaaaand lost dramatically and it all feels like a memory. But I was nine and probably preferred to watch "pinball".

And what do the Borussians do?

Losing at home to Mainz, beating Leipzig away: you can’t accuse BVB of being machine-like.

Questions: Carolina Schwarz, Ambros Waibel

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