Tanit koch switches to n-tv: the calm one

Tanit Koch is getting back into the game: After a year off, the ex-Bild boss is now starting at TV station n-tv. It’s a late triumph.

Tanit Koch in male company in Rostock Photo: dpa

The day on which one was allowed to learn whether Tanit Koch is a woman who lets others sign her off was not at all February 2, 2018, when it became known that the editor-in-chief of Bild-Zeitung is no longer in the mood for nonsense. An eternal back and forth that had been, with her co-chief Julian Reichelt, and then she said goodbye and left. She turned down the job option they had offered her at Springer to pacify the power struggle in the Bild executive suite.

So that had been the power struggle. On the one hand, she had lost it; on the other, she had left proudly and with dignity – so far, so good.

But the day on which we were allowed to learn that Tanit Koch is not a woman who lets others sign her out, that was just the other day: January 17, 2019, a cold Thursday, and she simply sat down on the sofa in the Kunsthalle Rostock and smiled.

Springer CEO Mathias Dopfner was there, as was ex-Bild CEO Kai Diekmann and also her one-time opponent, the current Bild CEO Julian Reichelt. Koch had also traveled especially to this exhibition opening about the last years on the sofa of Bild’s editor-in-chief. So that was the special moment: She sat down on the sofa with him and smiled as if nothing had happened. It was a small victory, or, strictly speaking, a big one.

She smiled. Reichelt did not smile.

So it’s been a year since Koch – age: 41, height: 1.70 meters, sorority: Stuttgardia, star sign: Leo – said she was looking forward to the next adventure. Now it begins, predictable and cool, but big.

Tested for adventure, the quiet lawyer is well acquainted with her many years at Springer, where she was the first woman to head the Bild-newspaper, she had already held a wide variety of management positions.

On March 1, Tanit Koch is to become managing director of the news channel n-tv, where she will not only do the math but also expand the journalistic center of RTL’s newsrooms. n-tv belongs to the RTL Media Group – and thus to Bertelsmann. In addition to managing the channel, the company says she will "build up a joint editorial unit as the future editor-in-chief central editorial department, which will form the content foundation for the journalistic TV and digital products of the RTL media group."

What does that mean exactly? Let’s take a look. It’s an adventure, anyway, because there’s a lot to do.

The quiet lawyer is adventure-tested from her many years at Springer, where she held a wide variety of management positions, including in entertainment, before becoming the first woman to head Bild-Zeitung. She is also well versed in the topic of news aggregation on Internet platforms and social networks such as Google and Facebook.

Most recently, she served on a comical panel with former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen that, in one way or another, probably dealt with election integrity and attacks on democratic states. Koch enjoyed her downtime in London and elsewhere around the world and with some sympathy for the expert slurping of oysters.

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