Column going out and standing around: close dance with schubert

A weekend in Berlin made me realize the Austrian composer wouldn’t have turned 27 in this city today.

The musicians of the band OMG Schubert in one of their more quiet moments Photo: Clara Borchmann

Schubert was a small, ugly gnome, manically creative, excessive in his emotional outbursts. At least that’s what Justus Wilcken, guitarist and singer of the band OMG Schubert, claims, who gave the final concert of their first tour at Berlin’s Kulturhaus ZK/U on April 12, 2019. Wilcken and pianist Konstantin Dupelius translate the old material into a darkly epic, equally manic now: The tall, not at all ugly opera singer and actor Wilcken lets us in on the inner lives of the narrative selves. Next to him, his colleague Dupelius bends over various digital and analog keyboard instruments with eyes widened with enthusiasm and makes us dance.


Column mithulogy: difficult bedfellows

You don’t have to want to cuddle with whom you demonstrate. Nevertheless, solidarity is necessary. But is it possible?

After the demo is before the demo Photo: dpa

Do you still remember #indivisible? Of course, after all, we were all indivisible. At least in our minds. And because so many took to the streets and the data highway, smart-alecky colleagues immediately wondered if everyone was really united on everything (ho, ho).


Revisionism in romania: president calls ex-king “traitor

Traian Basescu calls former monarch Mihai a "Russian servant." Observers puzzle: Historical ignorance or deliberate political provocation?

Attacked by the president: Romania’s former monarch Mihai. Photo: dapd

Romania’s President Traian Basescu has triggered a storm of indignation after calling former King Mihai a "traitor" and a "Russian servant" on television. In a TV talk show, the head of state expressed his opinion about the king’s resignation, which took place on December 30, 1947.