Bulky waste on sidewalks: bad feeling

Many people dispose of their furniture in Altona by putting it on the street. This also has a good side. Nevertheless, it annoys me.

Not only to be found in Hamburg-Altona: Wildly disposed of sofa, in this case in Freiburg Photo: dpa

The other night, I was looking out the window because it was creaking and rattling, and our neighbor across the street dragged an incomplete chest of drawers across the street and left it right in front of our house. Since February, the sewer system in our block is being renewed and such a construction site seems an ideal place to get rid of his bulky waste. Before the chest of drawers, there was already a table and a floor lamp there, at some point the things are in the way of the workers, then they dispose of them with the construction waste.


Murder of boris nemtsov in russia: suspect confesses to involvement in the crime

Five people have been arrested in the Nemtsov murder case. One of them has admitted involvement in the crime.

Candles and pictures commemorate the slain opposition figure in Moscow. Picture: ap

Russian investigators have apparently made some progress in solving the murder of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. Already on Saturday, the head of Russia’s domestic intelligence service, Alexander Bortnikov, announced that two men suspected of "committing this crime" had been arrested.


Microcensus of the federal statistical office: good figures, no success

According to the figures, almost three-quarters of Germans can live off their jobs. But women in particular have to make do with part-time jobs.

No one should be dependent on tips Photo: unsplash/ Sam Truong Dan

Seven out of ten adults make their living today largely through their job, reported the Federal Statistical Office on Monday. That’s about 72 percent of the working population in Germany. Or expressed in concrete figures: 37 million people can live more or less well from their work and are not dependent on state social transfers.


Michael muller in quarantine: the impacts are getting closer

Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Woidke tested positive for the coronavirus. Berlin’s governing mayor may have been infected.

Michael Muller at the opening of BER last Saturday Photo: dpa

The message is still on the cell phone, which is next to the screen as I write these lines: "Muller is negative," texted Senate spokeswoman Melanie Reinsch in mid-March. That’s when it looked like the governing mayor from the SPD might have caught the virus during an appointment with the Israeli ambassador, who later tested positive. And because Muller met for hours with his and the Brandenburg cabinet a few days later, there was the possibility that, in the worst case, two entire state governments would have to be quarantined – including journalists sitting close by at the subsequent press conference. Corona had first come very close back then, in March.


Dispute over mobility law: fight over the parking space in front of the door

The fact that the SPD now wants to add a car chapter to the mobility law certainly offers opportunities. On the one hand.

Road space is limited – does everyone have the same claim to it? Photo: dpa

He’s back. Heinrich Strobenreuther, the all-purpose weapon of Berlin’s cycling lobby, has returned from his self-imposed break from activism. He simply couldn’t stand the SPD’s latest move: shortly before the mobility law was to enter the final round of deliberations in the transport committee on Thursday, the parliamentary group had reopened the package and, among other things, made common cause with the opposition’s demand that a chapter also be reserved for car traffic.


Ahead of congo’s elections: several million voters too many?

Congo is scheduled to hold elections in December. Now criticism of voter registration confirms some opposition concerns.

Kabila election poster during the last elections in 2011. and 2018? Photo: reuters

As the official election date of Dec. 23, 2018, approaches in the Democratic Republic of Congo, doubts about a semi-regular ballot are growing more massive. In a rare joint statement late Tuesday, all Congolese opposition parties rejected the new electoral register completed by the electoral commission and demanded that the commission’s leadership be replaced.


Tanit koch switches to n-tv: the calm one

Tanit Koch is getting back into the game: After a year off, the ex-Bild boss is now starting at TV station n-tv. It’s a late triumph.

Tanit Koch in male company in Rostock Photo: dpa

The day on which one was allowed to learn whether Tanit Koch is a woman who lets others sign her off was not at all February 2, 2018, when it became known that the editor-in-chief of Bild-Zeitung is no longer in the mood for nonsense. An eternal back and forth that had been, with her co-chief Julian Reichelt, and then she said goodbye and left. She turned down the job option they had offered her at Springer to pacify the power struggle in the Bild executive suite.


Outsourcing in state-owned enterprises: employees outsource

The Berlin campaign "Ban Outsourcing and Temporary Employment" fights against unequal pay in state-owned companies.

Striving for damage limitation: protest against outsourcing in front of the Charite Photo: RubyImages/F. Boillot

To prevent the worst from happening, the only thing that helps many employees in state-owned companies is to fight back: according to the Senate Department for Finance, Berlin’s state-owned companies have around 100 subsidiaries. Their employees often do the same work as colleagues who are directly employed by the parent company. But they are paid significantly less. The difference is often several hundred euros a month, plus worse working hours.


New traffic rules for motorists: parking tickets will become more expensive

New traffic rules on Germany’s roads: This means more protection for cyclists, says Federal Transport Minister Scheuer.

Cycling is to become safer with the new set of rules – and parking in the bike lane more expensive Photo: Alexander Heinl/dpa

Wrong parking and other traffic violations will become more expensive starting Tuesday. Stopping in the second row will cost 55 euros instead of the current 15 euros, and if other road users are obstructed it will be 70 euros plus a point in the Flensburg traffic offenders’ register. The same applies to stopping on sidewalks and bike paths. In future, there will be a general ban on stopping on protective lanes, which separate bicycle and car traffic with dashed white lines. Until now, vehicles have been allowed to stop there for up to three minutes. General parking violations will cost 25 euros instead of 15 euros.


Kulturbeutel column: upscale drinking literature

Jens Kirschneck’s novel "Schweine befreien" (Liberating Pigs) smells of canned beer and breathes nostalgia. A book for soccer fans in beer heaven.

There are counter beers galore in Jens Kirschneck’s canned beer paradise Photo: Andreas Ruttenauer

The morning after a drunken stupor, the only thing that helps is a counter beer. Those were the days when we used to go to the fridge in the morning, take a can of beer out of the fridge, go back to bed with it and think about everything that happened the night before!