Vegan cafeteria in berlin: deep green and animal-free

Veggie 2.0: After a two-week test phase, Berlin’s first vegan canteen opened on Tuesday at the Technical University.

Without chicken strips: The salad bar of the vegan cafeteria at the Technical University. Photo: dpa

Behind a glass display case, the pasta machine is turning lumps of dough into spiral shapes. Next door, the pots of cereal bolognese are already steaming. Alternatively, there is vegetable curry with coconut milk or vegetable-potato pancakes with curry-mango sauce. Since Tuesday, Berlin’s first vegan canteen, "Veggie 2.0 – the deep green canteen," has officially opened at the Technical University in Hardenbergstrabe.


Terror in bangladesh: attack on mass prayer

Bangladesh was again the victim of an attack. Near a religious gathering, at least four more people were killed, including one of the attackers.

Around 300,000 people pray on the huge site at the end of Ramadan Photo: imago/xinhua

A few days after the bloody attack on a restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh is once again a target of terror: suspected Islamists threw homemade bombs at police officers near a prayer gathering with hundreds of thousands of Muslims at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan on Thursday north of the capital. A firefight with police followed. Four people were killed, including two police officers and a woman, as well as a suspected attacker.


Trial for torture in syria: mass graves near damascus

The trial of an alleged torturer from Syria continues in Koblenz. A witness reports about refrigerated trucks with tens of thousands of corpses.

The likeness of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in the cityscape of Homs in February 2012 Photo: reuters

In the al-Khatib trial before the Koblenz Higher Regional Court, a former employee of the Syrian regime again testified. He reported mass graves that are said to have extended over thousands of square meters. In 20, he had documented how refrigerated trucks carrying a total of tens of thousands of corpses had been taken from military hospitals and Saydnaya prison to secret cemeteries near Damascus.


Protests in france: look at us!

With strong but sometimes problematic gestures: the fight against Macron’s pension reform reaches a new dimension.

With all fierceness, the firefighters demand better working conditions and more pay Photo: Charles Platiau/reuters

Suddenly they are on fire. Two firefighters in protective suits, surrounded by their colleagues. Television cameras and cell phones are pointed at them – and already, on January 28, the gruesome images are spreading on social networks and running on a continuous loop on news channels.


Project “benching berlin”: street furniture for all to copy.

After Urban Gardening, the new trend: self-built benches. Benjamin Kies and Bella Berger are the pioneers. Soon with building instructions on the web!

The latest Benching Berlin work of art stands on the Landwehrkanal opposite Gorlitzer Park Photo: Benching Berlin

This story shows once again: If you can read social media, you have a clear advantage. Already weeks ago I wondered which good spirit has attached the small wooden bench to the fence at the Neukollner Weigandufer, actually it is rather a board that hangs horizontally on chains, so that you can now sit there nicely with a view of the water almost directly on the same, if you dare to climb over the barrier. If I had searched on Instragram for #urbangardening #woodworking #neukoelln, I would have known long ago: Benching Berlin did it.


Propaganda dvd at the constitutional protection agency: early indication of the nsu

Could the Constitutional Protection Service have known about the NSU at an early stage? A DVD with the label "NSU/NSDAP" has probably been in the agency’s possession since 2005.

Will have to find an explanation: top constitutional protector Hans-Georg Maaben. Picture: dpa

On Wednesday, suspicions grew that the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) may have known about the NSU since 2005. In that year, the BfV received a DVD with right-wing extremist material, including a file with the title "NSU/NSDAP", via the confidential informant and right-wing extremist "Corelli". Only a few months ago, in February of this year, however, the Hamburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution claims to have received such a DVD from an undercover agent and forwarded it.


Photovoltaic systems big time: spain backs the sun again

Energy companies see plenty of potential for megaprojects in the pent-up demand for solar energy. Small and decentralized ones are falling by the wayside.

The main thing is big: solar power plant in Beneixama in Spain Photo: Jochen Tack/imagebroker/picture alliance

The sun is back. Six years after the conservative government under Mariano Rajoy put an almost complete stop to new construction, photovoltaic plants are being built again in Spain. And not just any – these are large-scale plants the likes of which the European continent has never seen before.


Pension fund buys german apartments: the business with higher rents

The Danish pension fund PFA is buying 3,700 apartments in Germany for one billion euros. This is to be profitable through expensive new rentals.

Rental houses in Hamburg. Here, too, the Danes have bought apartments Photo: dpa

The Danish pension fund PFA is buying into the German real estate market on a grand scale. According to a report in Handelsblatt, PFA is taking over a portfolio of 3,700 apartments in 15 locations in Germany. More than half of the rental income will be generated in Munich and Berlin. Other portfolios are located in Dusseldorf as well as in Hamburg, Stuttgart and the Rhineland. The pension fund is paying a total of over 1 billion euros for these. This is the largest residential real estate investment in Germany so far this year.