Election campaign in austria: yes, kurz would do it again

Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wants to return to office soon. Even if that means forming another coalition with the extreme right-wing FPo.

This greeting from Sebastian Kurz can be misunderstood … Photo: dpa

Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who soon wants to be Chancellor of Austria again, can well imagine a new edition of the coalition with the extreme right FPo. He expressed this Tuesday night on the program "ZIB 2" in an interview with star host Armin Wolf.

New elections in Austria are scheduled for September 29. Forgiven and forgotten are the many right-wing extremist "individual cases", forgiven also the sell-out of the republic to a supposed oligarch promised by ex-vice chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache in the infamous Ibiza video, which finally broke up the government last May.

Sebastian Kurz, who subjugated the Christian Democratic oVP and transformed it into a tightly organized leader’s party, found the ideal partner in the FPo. He successfully adopted the latter’s leitmotif of fighting off migrants, and there was also agreement on backward-looking education policies or the disempowerment of the social-democratic trade unions. "Our path has only just begun," is the oVP’s election campaign slogan. It could not continue unchanged with any other partner than the FPo. Moreover, the balance of power has improved in favor of Kurz.

Fuhrwerkt like a berserker

FPo supporters who turned away from their party after the scandalous Ibiza video have – at least in the polls – migrated to the oVP. Sebastian Kurz will therefore be sitting on the longer branch when he reclaims the Interior Ministry for his party. He no longer wants FPo Vice Chairman Herbert Kickl, who worked like a berserker there, in his cabinet.

Kickl had been dismissed as interior minister because he was FPo secretary-general at the time the scandalous video was made – and in Kurz’s view should therefore have been investigating himself.

Although almost all the media are writing against a new edition of Turquoise-Blue because they fear more coercion and increased intervention, the electorate also agrees with the ex-chancellor. According to polls, this is the preferred pairing for 20 to 26 percent – well ahead of all other coalition variants.

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