Column mithulogy: difficult bedfellows

You don’t have to want to cuddle with whom you demonstrate. Nevertheless, solidarity is necessary. But is it possible?

After the demo is before the demo Photo: dpa

Do you still remember #indivisible? Of course, after all, we were all indivisible. At least in our minds. And because so many took to the streets and the data highway, smart-alecky colleagues immediately wondered if everyone was really united on everything (ho, ho).

I dismissed that at the time. After all, some of my best friends sometimes disagree with me – even if they wouldn’t say so to my face. And I still didn’t revoke their feminism credentials!

Now I don’t have to want to cuddle with everyone I demonstrate with. But these are still serious questions: How can we make policy together if we are not 100 percent sure whether what the others want is not … yes, yes, write it down! … harmful?

Feminists who stand up for sex workers’ rights and feminists who want to ban sex work; leftists who stand up for Palestinian rights and leftists against anti-Semitism: off the top of my head I can think of so many difficult bedfellows that I could easily fill the entire column with them and still not have a solution.

Fortunately, I don’t have to find the answer to the question "Solidarity – yes, no, maybe – and above all: how? Instead, starting on March 19, there will be a series of think tanks that, according to the motto "The medium is the message," will not take place behind closed doors, but in public at Berlin’s Theater Hebbel am Ufer.

These are the conversations we need

And for those who can’t come to Kreuzberg, via livestream. After the demo is before the demo. #indivisible continues, namely at the round table. Max Czollek, Sabine Hark, Sharon Dodua Otoo, Uwe Meinhardt, Anna Stiede, Koray Yılmaz-Gunay and all of us will discuss how social questions and identity politics can be thought together. Organized and imagined by Margarita Tsomou, who has the best job description in the world, namely theory and discourse curator of HAU.

And lest you think this is merely a glorifying appointment announcement, I hereby put it in writing: these are the conversations we need, society-wide. Before we learn to love the AfD, we should first figure out how to negotiate different positions within our own ranks. Besides, that’s also much more interesting than constantly working through what the right-wingers are throwing at us.

Even if that’s easier, because I know where I stand and I can be sure that my peer group will applaud me. But this is not about approval, it’s about social change! After all, we’re not the better people, we’re just the more fearless people. See you in the livestream!

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