Column german angst: good morning, occident

An old fighting term has resurfaced. One that is used to expel groups from the community.

No light at the end of the tunnel: Dresden demonstration for the Occident. Image: dpa

The new year has actually started even worse than the old one had ended. And through this already so messed up 2015, an almost forgotten word will accompany us: Abendland.

The "Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Occident" have dug it out of the dusty treasure chest of dirty words – there it had lain with the "lying press". "For the preservation and protection of our Christian-Jewish influenced Occidental culture," it says in their position paper. After the attack on Charlie Hebdo, many more will discover the Occident for themselves.

The decent will mouth the term, with much pathos and the assumption that the Enlightenment is on their side, highly moral. The Occident is a fighting term, one that is used to expel groups from the community. It is meant to create a people according to a desire – just as Pegida wants. And that’s why it fits so well with an out-of-the-box movement.

The return of the Occident to the minds is a process of collective derangement, since the term comes from a time when people oriented themselves by the position of the sun. And the sun turned its back on them. Corresponding with this dark time is the almost allergic reaction to everything that is open and contradictory. Anders.

In "The Decline of the Occident", Oswald Spengler positioned the Occident just as much against the capitalist West as against the Bolshevik East. What followed is well known: In Stalingrad, its salvation failed for the time being.

After 1945, the term was expanded to include the Jewish component. When it comes to demarcation against Muslims, the German Occidentals are happy with any ally. Even the Jews. It is macabre, but at this point, of all places, it becomes apparent how deep-seated the resentment against Muslims is.

A very German lie

Blindness to a reality of exclusion, at any rate, is part of this idea of the Occident. And the invention of the Judeo-Christian tradition is nothing other than an attempt to clean up history. Or in other words: a very German lie, "a favorite of the traumatized Germans" (Almut Shulamit Bruckstein Coruh).

Quite incidentally, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and the religious wars thus become a trifle, an indisposition in the long and harmonious Christian-Jewish history.

And as if the Paris attacks weren’t bad enough, the Islamophobes and racists are surfing the wave of shock very well. As if they had ever cared about liberal cartoonists. They rejoice because they had always known it. And contrary to what they keep insisting, they are in lush company: more than half of Germans see Islam as a threat. And these figures were collected before the attacks.

And so the madness continues. Even the NPD is now Charlie, parts of the AfD and Pegida. How this goes together? No idea. In any case, the Occident is where the sun sets. Good night.

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