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Mexican farmers fear drought: dispute over water for the u.s.

Mexican government uses military against farmers protesting water exports. Supplies to the U.S. are governed by contract.

Dry land: A farmer in northern Mexico checks the irrigation system in his field Photo: Roberto Rosales/imago

Destroyed vehicles, rubber bullets, tear gas – a dispute over water use in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua escalated further over the weekend. Videos circulating on social media show national guardsmen massively attacking a group of about a hundred farmers who were trying to get to a dam cordoned off by security forces.

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Secessionists in cameroon: waving flags for ambazonia

The Anglophone part of Cameroon wants to become independent. The government of authoritarian President Paul Biya is fighting back with all its might.

No mercy for independence activists: Cameroon’s President Paul Biya Photo: reuters

October 1 is a historic day in Cameroon: In 1961, on this date, the southern part of the British Cameroon colony joined the Republic of Cameroon, which had been granted independence by France in 1960 under a regime loyal to Paris.

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Racism at fc union: discreet diplomacy in soccer

National player Nadiem Amiri was allegedly racially insulted by Union players. The clarification shattered against a wall of silence.

Nadiem Amiri at the game of Leverkusen against Union on January 15 Photo: dpa

In the end, no one could prove anything to anyone. It remained nebulous what words had fallen. "Evidence of a racially motivated or discriminatory act could not be provided," the DFB sports court announced on Thursday, and still decided on a match ban and fine "for unsportsmanlike conduct." A diplomacy decision that was most likely to satisfy Union Berlin.

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Munich police after the rampage: much praise – why, actually?

The police in Munich were showered with praise after the rampage: they had done a great job. But what speaks for that?

Police tape in downtown Munich on the evening of the rampage Photo: dpa

A strange phenomenon was observed over the weekend: A single rampage kills nine people and himself, the police paralyze an entire major city for hours – and afterwards, almost everyone gushes in praise of how brilliant the police work was. What evidence is there for this?