Hidden comic talent: all good things come from below

Carlsen Verlag has paved the way for strips in the north. But if you’re looking for adventure, you’ll have to look around on the web in the meantime

Hello Bremen: This strip takes aim at the city without meaning it. Photo: Maximilian Hillerzeder/

There is a clear and conclusive answer to how Bremen came to be in the comic: "Originally," explains Maximilian Hillerzeder, "it was really a purely phonetic decision." From that point of view, Bremen was "without alternative." The city already appears as a possible destination in the 2013/2014 comic strip "Als ich neulich auf See verschollen war," and "I like to imagine that this would have contributed significantly to the city’s success today," says the author.


Trial for torture in syria: mass graves near damascus

The trial of an alleged torturer from Syria continues in Koblenz. A witness reports about refrigerated trucks with tens of thousands of corpses.

The likeness of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in the cityscape of Homs in February 2012 Photo: reuters

In the al-Khatib trial before the Koblenz Higher Regional Court, a former employee of the Syrian regime again testified. He reported mass graves that are said to have extended over thousands of square meters. In 20, he had documented how refrigerated trucks carrying a total of tens of thousands of corpses had been taken from military hospitals and Saydnaya prison to secret cemeteries near Damascus.


Propaganda dvd at the constitutional protection agency: early indication of the nsu

Could the Constitutional Protection Service have known about the NSU at an early stage? A DVD with the label "NSU/NSDAP" has probably been in the agency’s possession since 2005.

Will have to find an explanation: top constitutional protector Hans-Georg Maaben. Picture: dpa

On Wednesday, suspicions grew that the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) may have known about the NSU since 2005. In that year, the BfV received a DVD with right-wing extremist material, including a file with the title "NSU/NSDAP", via the confidential informant and right-wing extremist "Corelli". Only a few months ago, in February of this year, however, the Hamburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution claims to have received such a DVD from an undercover agent and forwarded it.


After kidnapping of trinh xuan thanh: rental car found in prague

After the alleged kidnapping of a former Vietnamese politician, the vehicle used for the crime has turned up. Meanwhile, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office is investigating.

Trinh Xuan Thanh when he was still in Berlin Photo: dpa

In connection with the alleged kidnapping of former Vietnamese politician Trinh Xuan Thanh from Berlin by the Vietnamese secret service, Czech investigators have seized the crime vehicle and transferred it to Germany. The rental car with Czech license plates had been found in Prague. This was reported by the British BBC.


Ban on outings have increased

Postings now move to sister site "". Berlin police are investigating the publication of photos of police officers.

Protest against the ban on linksunten in October 2017 in Frankfurt am Main Photo: imago/Tim Wagner

Shortly before Christmas, the photos were on the web: On the site, autonomists published more than 50 photos of police officers who were allegedly involved in the eviction of houses on Rigaer Strabe in Berlin-Friedrichshain. "In addition to participating in the eviction, they can be held responsible without hesitation for the violence of the three weeks of siege," the text added. "We welcome information on where they live or can be found privately."