Trial before the court of human rights: berlusconi v. Italy

The former head of government is fighting his ban from office in court. He wants to make a comeback in the next election.

He’s back – but first there’s a little ban from office to get out of the way Photo: dpa

Can Silvio Berlusconi become Italian head of government once again after the elections in the spring? He is still banned from office for tax evasion. But on Wednesday, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) heard Berlusconi’s case.


Murder of boris nemtsov in russia: suspect confesses to involvement in the crime

Five people have been arrested in the Nemtsov murder case. One of them has admitted involvement in the crime.

Candles and pictures commemorate the slain opposition figure in Moscow. Picture: ap

Russian investigators have apparently made some progress in solving the murder of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. Already on Saturday, the head of Russia’s domestic intelligence service, Alexander Bortnikov, announced that two men suspected of "committing this crime" had been arrested.


Ahead of congo’s elections: several million voters too many?

Congo is scheduled to hold elections in December. Now criticism of voter registration confirms some opposition concerns.

Kabila election poster during the last elections in 2011. and 2018? Photo: reuters

As the official election date of Dec. 23, 2018, approaches in the Democratic Republic of Congo, doubts about a semi-regular ballot are growing more massive. In a rare joint statement late Tuesday, all Congolese opposition parties rejected the new electoral register completed by the electoral commission and demanded that the commission’s leadership be replaced.


Un climate conference in madrid: co2 trading is complicated

How can emissions be traded worldwide in the future? Above all, licensing deals between states, cities and companies pose a hurdle.

This industrial smog disturbs even the bird Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa

The climate diplomats at COP25 will have peace only in the first week. Then the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is still sailing to Spain. When she arrives in Madrid – probably around the weekend of December 7-8 – the pressure and noise level at the UN climate summit will rise. Then the protests of the traditional environmental groups and the relatively new Fridays for Future activists will meet delegates who are stressed anyway.


Amendments to the road traffic regulations: ring-a-ding-ding!

Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer is actually more of a car guy. But suddenly he’s making a name for himself as the "Minister of Cycles". What exactly does he have in mind?

This feels good – in the future, parking will no longer be allowed on bike lanes Photo: dpa

Of all people, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), the car-friendly Federal Minister of Transport, wants to distinguish himself as a bicycle minister of late. "I am the Minister of Transport and therefore also the Minister of Cycling" – the Bavarian is currently having this statement spread by his press people.


After the barcelona terror: the ripoll riddle

The cell that murdered in Catalonia must have had accomplices. The people around the perpetrators are stunned.

Mourning and horror in the Muslim community in Ripoll, Catalonia Photo: ap

It is clear almost a week after the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils that the terrorists actually wanted to blow up several landmarks in the Catalan capital and kill as many people as possible. It is also known that in addition to the six bombers who have since died, there were at least three other co-conspirators, including Abdelbaki Es Satty, the imam of the terror cell.


Resignation of hans-joachim grote: something is not right

In Kiel’s state parliament, a committee is looking into the forced resignation of Hans-Joachim Grote as Interior Minister of Schleswig-Holstein.

They were still working together then: Daniel Gunther and Hans-Joachim Grote in November 2018 Photo: dpa

The forced resignation of Interior Minister Hans-Joachim Grote (CDU) in mid-April shook the political Kiel – and leaves questions about the relationship between police, prosecutors and politics in Schleswig-Holstein unanswered to this day. Above all, it is irritating how Prime Minister Daniel Gunther withdrew confidence and the post from his party colleague. "Normally, one would put forward a health burden, thank the minister for his work, and no one would ask further," says SPD faction leader Ralf Stegner. "But a lot of energy is being put into trying to destroy Grote’s reputation."