What will be important in berlin in 2018 ii: the bike law is on the move

Activists are hoping for Easter, when Germany’s first cycling law is supposed to be passed. But it will be a long time before anything changes on the streets.

One thing is for sure: No bicycle law can help against snow, only the BSR. Photo: dpa

Maybe it will work on the second anniversary: On June 14, 2016, the "Volksentscheid Fahrrad" (bicycle referendum) handed over more than 100,000 signatures to the then red-black Senate calling for a referendum. A year and a half later, a lot has happened – but Berlin’s bicycle law, which the initiative is demanding and which the red-red-green coalition has since worked out together with it, is still not in force.


At the end of the climate conference in madrid: against “criminal climate policy”.

The counter-summit to the COP denounces the industrialized nations: Politicians protected only interests of large transnational corporations.

The organizers of the Social Summit in Madrid Photo: dpa

Satisfied looks different. "The big polluters have corrupted COP25," complains Tom Kucharz, one of the spokespersons of the "Social Climate Summit," which was held in parallel with the UN Climate Conference in Madrid "to give a voice to those who were ignored by COP25." "The United States, the European Union, Australia and Canada have pressured and blackmailed the weakest countries for one more year," explains the sociologist, who is responsible for globalization and international solidarity in the Spanish environmental organization Ecologistas en Accion, at the end of the UN Climate Conference in Madrid.


Currency chaos in lebanon: failed neoliberalism

After the civil war, the government and banks relied on the income of the diaspora. The bankruptcy is the result of high interest rates and expensive government bonds.

This young man would rather work than smoke shisha. Many Lebanese are without jobs Photo: Bilal Hussein/ap

The financial crisis in Lebanon shows that the neoliberal economic model is doomed to failure. The country is experiencing the worst economic crisis in its young history. The Lebanese pound has already lost no less than 80 percent of its value. Hunger is the most urgent problem. Supermarket shelves are filled, but people can no longer afford bread and rice.


On the poetry of esther dischereit: one wing beat further

Where the said and the unsaid share places: An encounter with Berlin poet Esther Dischereit and her alert, wise poems.

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin – 6 million Jews were murdered Photo: Stefan Boness

My grandmother was 20 years old when she voted for Hitler, and she was 91 when she died and still could not decide to cry a single tear for six million murdered Jews. She remained hard and self-righteous to the end, and every conversation about the Shoah made her nervous. She couldn’t marry a Jew, she once told me. Not even a black man. Apart from a German, the most she would have considered was a Swede. She reacted indignantly to the corresponding accusation of being an anti-Semite and racist. There was no way she was. She would despise the Nazis.


Ruling on the headscarf ban in schools: an end to dogma

It is bizarre that Berlin still believes that teachers wearing headscarves are a threat to peace in schools. The opposite could be the case.

Turkish schoolgirl in class: More and more young women with headscarves are studying Photo: Bernd Thissen/dpa

For more than 20 years, the question of whether women wearing the Islamic headscarf should be allowed to teach in German schools has repeatedly occupied the courts and led to heated social debates. The Berlin Neutrality Law, which prohibits teachers at general schools, police officers and state employees in the judiciary from wearing religious or ideologically connoted symbols and clothing while on duty, has also been the subject of wrangling for a long time. Last week, judges at the Federal Labor Court in Erfurt declared the law unconstitutional in this general form. Only going to Karlsruhe can perhaps save it. The question is: Do we want that?


Election campaign in austria: yes, kurz would do it again

Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wants to return to office soon. Even if that means forming another coalition with the extreme right-wing FPo.

This greeting from Sebastian Kurz can be misunderstood … Photo: dpa

Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who soon wants to be Chancellor of Austria again, can well imagine a new edition of the coalition with the extreme right FPo. He expressed this Tuesday night on the program "ZIB 2" in an interview with star host Armin Wolf.


Vegan cafeteria in berlin: deep green and animal-free

Veggie 2.0: After a two-week test phase, Berlin’s first vegan canteen opened on Tuesday at the Technical University.

Without chicken strips: The salad bar of the vegan cafeteria at the Technical University. Photo: dpa

Behind a glass display case, the pasta machine is turning lumps of dough into spiral shapes. Next door, the pots of cereal bolognese are already steaming. Alternatively, there is vegetable curry with coconut milk or vegetable-potato pancakes with curry-mango sauce. Since Tuesday, Berlin’s first vegan canteen, "Veggie 2.0 – the deep green canteen," has officially opened at the Technical University in Hardenbergstrabe.


Terror in bangladesh: attack on mass prayer

Bangladesh was again the victim of an attack. Near a religious gathering, at least four more people were killed, including one of the attackers.

Around 300,000 people pray on the huge site at the end of Ramadan Photo: imago/xinhua

A few days after the bloody attack on a restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh is once again a target of terror: suspected Islamists threw homemade bombs at police officers near a prayer gathering with hundreds of thousands of Muslims at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan on Thursday north of the capital. A firefight with police followed. Four people were killed, including two police officers and a woman, as well as a suspected attacker.