Inactive government armenia: survival in a cardboard box

Recently, Armenia celebrated 25 years of independence. What is it worth when thousands of earthquake victims still live in containers?

Three generations, one container: Sita Zakarjan (right), daughter Gayaneh (left) and the youngest granddaughter Photo: Tigran Petrosyan

The toilet paper vendor at the Gyumri bus station knows the way to the containers. "Don’t you want to buy paper?" he calls after them. "Why don’t you take my flour!" crows a young man with a big belly. There are sacks in front of his store, bulging with wheat and spelt flour. He also has sugar and salt.


Homeless in dresden: against involuntary moves

Several homeless people are to move from a centrally located shelter to an industrial area. Activists protest with the affected people.

An employee of the social welfare office talking to activists in Dresden Pieschen Photo: Juliane Fiegler

"Together against displacement and #Mietenwahnsinn" and "The city belongs to us all". Statements like these can be read on banners and colorful signs with which about 40 activists* protested for three days in a row in front of a shelter for homeless people in Dresden Pieschen. The district is about six kilometers from Dresden’s old town. 43 people are currently housed there, and up to 20 of them are to move to the accommodation "Zur Wetterwarte 34" next to the airport near Dresden Klotzsche, according to plans by the city’s social welfare office.


Presidential election in algeria: grotesque candidacy

Bouteflika has ruled for some 20 years. Pressure from the street has now made him want to shorten his own term in office if he is re-elected.

Protests against Bouteflika are also taking place in the Algerian diaspora in Paris Photo: reuters

Despite ongoing massive protests, the clan of Algeria’s incumbent leader Abdelaziz Bouteflika is sticking to his candidacy for a fifth mandate in the presidential election scheduled for April 18. On Sunday evening, the newly appointed head of Bouteflika’s campaign team, Abdelghani Zâalane, had submitted the necessary documents to the Constitutional Council responsible for verifying candidacies, triggering a storm of indignation in the country.


Right-wingers in the usa: on the shoulder the assault rifle

Armed opponents of the Corona measures run up in the state of Michigan. They threaten the Democratic governor with death.

Lone protest: a supporter of Governor Whitmer in front of the Michigan legislature Photo: ap

A naked Barbie doll with long brown hair is suspended from a noose. It dangles from a U.S. flag carried by a man. Another man – he, too, without a mask – struts through the crowd with an axe. Dozens more white men have shouldered assault rifles. Some wear red "Trump 2020" caps.


Lateral thinking: critique of critical unreasonableness

What is this actually: Lateral thinking. One thing seems to be certain in advance: It has little to do with enlightenment.

Protest against Corona deniers in Berlin-Mitte last Thursday Photo: dpa

"Lateral thinker" has always been a strange, unappealing term, even when it was a seemingly innocent vocabulary. On the one hand, it was used to characterize people who had some kind of "original" ideas, i.e. opinions that were so far-fetched that you had to come up with them first.