After kidnapping of trinh xuan thanh: rental car found in prague

After the alleged kidnapping of a former Vietnamese politician, the vehicle used for the crime has turned up. Meanwhile, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office is investigating.

Trinh Xuan Thanh when he was still in Berlin Photo: dpa

In connection with the alleged kidnapping of former Vietnamese politician Trinh Xuan Thanh from Berlin by the Vietnamese secret service, Czech investigators have seized the crime vehicle and transferred it to Germany. The rental car with Czech license plates had been found in Prague. This was reported by the British BBC.

According to the BBC report, both the lender of the seven-seat VW and the man who had borrowed the car were Vietnamese. The car rental company is based in Prague’s Sapa Market, an Asian market the size of a small town.

As the taz reported, on 23. July in Berlin’s Tiergarten Trinh Xuan Thanh and his companion were apparently kidnapped. Eight days later, he reappeared in Hanoi. Vietnamese state media spoke of a voluntary return of a repentant criminal. In Hanoi, the man was wanted for embezzlement in the hundreds of millions. He sees himself, however, as a victim of an internal Vietnamese power struggle between orthodox and economic reformers.

In the meantime, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the case. The owner of the car rental company in Prague told the BBC that the crime vehicle was equipped with GPS. Thus, investigators could now reconstruct the path of the vehicle. The federal prosecutor’s office already announced that the kidnapped Trinh Xuan Thanh was initially taken to the Vietnamese embassy in Berlin. From an Eastern European airport it is said to have gone to Hanoi.

The abduction to the embassy is another indication for the thesis of the investigators that the Vietnamese secret service and the embassy managed the kidnapping. The head of the security service at the Vietnamese embassy had already been declared an undesirable person by the German government ten days ago and left Germany.

According to taz information, the man who borrowed the getaway car does not have diplomatic status. He is therefore subject to German jurisdiction. According to reports, two arrests are imminent in the kidnapping case. There was no official confirmation of this on Sunday.

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